Simon Lunagomez

Postdoctoral Fellow

I will start a new job at UCL on May, 2015!

Selected Publications

For a more comprehensive list of publications look at my CV.

1. G.L. Rosner, P. Muller, S. Lunagomez, P.A. Thompson, 2005. Pharmacokinetics in Clinical Oncology: Statistical Issues. In Handbook of Statistics in Clinical Oncology, Second Edition, (J. Crowley, D.P. Ankerst), Chapman and Hall/CRC.

2. M.J. Bayarry, J.O. Berger, E.S. Calder, K. Dalbey, S. Lunagomez, A.K. Patra, E.B. Pitman, E. Spiller, R.L. Wolpert, 2009. Using Statistical and Computer Models to Quantify Volcanic Hazards. Technometrics 51, 4.

3. S. Lunagomez, S. Mukherjee, R.L. Wolpert, 2011. Geometric Representations of Hypergraphs for Prior Specification and Posterior Sampling. Under review.

The third paper can be found on Arxiv:

4. S. Lunagomez and E.M. Airoldi, 2014. Valid Inference from Non-Ignorable Network Sampling Designs.

The fourth paper can be found on Arxiv:

In Preparation

The Concept of Ignorability in the Context of Social Network Data. Simon Lunagomez and Edoardo Airoldi.

Sampling on Social Networks from a Decision Theoretic Perspective. Simon Lunagomez and Edoardo Airoldi.